Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reading for the New Year

Here are a couple of article making the rounds in the message boards:

Susan Stanton's Lonely Transformation

Susan Stanton had her life turned upsidedown almost a year ago when she was outed as a transsexual by a local newspaper reporter. The same paper, The St. Petersburg Times, has followed her story since. She is clearly struggling to find her place in her new world. Job issues are something most in transition struggle with. However, Susan Stanton has become somewhat of a pariah in the community by distancing herself from the same community. I am disappointed by her attitude regarding ENDA, but I can understand her need to blaze her own trail. However I would ask that she not speak for the community. She is only speaking for herself.

Crossing Over

Zoe Brain blog response

If this piece were written in anything but the Wall Street Journal, I'd give it little creedence. It is an example of a writer trying to be too cute or clever in an end of the year piece. She can barely get past the bathroom issue as a scare tactic or the religious world's view of the TG community. It feeds on the mainstream's base fears and does nothing to advance real education. If it weren't for so many eyeballs reading it, I'd laugh it off. The numbers we have to fight that do read this though are the scary part. This is the perception we fight against everyday. I also included a link to a lovely TG blogger from Australia who has crafted a better response.

What does this all means? Our struggles continue. That should be no surprise. Three steps foward, two and a half steps back. We must continue to move forward though. I do that by simply being out. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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