Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pride Charlotte 2008

Just a reminder that Pride Charlotte is this Saturday, July 26, 11 am to 6pm at the Gateway Village on the west side of uptown Charlotte. For those not familiar with Charlotte, Gateway Village runs between Trade Street and 5th Street between N. Cedar Street and N. Irwin Avenue. Pride Charlotte is a day when the GLBT community can be out and proud. This year's theme is "Live, Love, Be." It's that last word that means so much although the first two are pretty special too.

I am scheduled with my Transgender Adventures in History presentation on the Community Stage at 1:20pm following Elke Kennedy of Sean's Last Wish. I couln't be more honored to be following this courageous lady. She is such an inspiration. The Community Stage is one of two stages at Pride Charlotte. It will be on Trade Street. I look forward to being in my southern belle best and then quick changing to something cooler! As my friend Nancy Wichmann reminds me though, women in those days could not change into something cooler. So I can't complain too much.

On a more serious note, I do hope this is the beginning of a greater presence for the transgender community in Charlotte. Last year's booth was somewhat hastily organized and not even a CGA or Kappa Beta function. Pam and I still had a great time being a part of the day's activities. By the way, Pam will be saying a few words at 12:20pm on the Main Stage. This year, we have asked for input from so many of the groups including PFLAG. Also many of the regular CGA attendees are volunteering to staff the booth for the entire event. Even a few new members have jumped in to provide a banner, buttons, and the handouts. I am so impressed with their willingness to contribute.

My hope is that as Pride Charlotte grows, so will all the letters represented in GLBT. While we continue to learn more about each other, we also will show the mainstream a united front of people who are being true to themselves. In my mind, anyone who attends a Pride event is saying just that: I will be true to who I am. I know in my life I have reached a point where there simply is no other option. The other choices are not really choices at all.

I would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning more about the community to drop by and say hello at our table. Parking and admission is free. We should be near the Main Stage in the covered shady portion of Gateway Village. There are plenty of entertainment and food vendors. I would even welcome the new transgender person or crossdresser to attend and chat with us. You'll be amongst friends, and all of us have been down that road before. We would love to help you on that same road.

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