Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magnolia Ball Memories

In the initial discussions for the 2010 Carolinas Gender Odyssey, it was pretty quickly decided that the Saturday night formal event should include the return of the Magnolia Ball. For those that do not remember, the Magnolia Ball was held each May (usually in Charlotte) up until 2001. For many years in the 90's, it was the premier spring event in the Carolinas. I must admit that a smile and a tear came to my eye when we decided to include the Magnolia Ball in the inaugural CGO.

My first Magnolia Ball was in 1998 at the old Valentino's on Independence Blvd.I had bought a royal blue prom dress at a Goodwill store in Wilkesboro. It was a few years The dress became very special as I had always wanted to be the girl at the prom. Putting on that dress, seeing myself in the mirror, getting help with my makeup were all quite emotional. I even was a back-up lip-syncer in one of the acts. The late Dyana Lee Radke complimented us on our timing with the twirls.

I have been fortunate enough to go well beyond my original goals and dreams. However every time I put on a formal dress, I think back to that first dress and my first Magnolia Ball. It is a symbol of dreams coming true and more to come.

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