Thursday, November 22, 2007

What I'm Thankful For

I finally have a little time to breathe with the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving while keeping the waistline at a reasonable number! All is well on my end... just a lot of work lately. Many like to write columns and blog posts about what they're thankful for. Here is my list:

1) Friends who know the real me especially all the wonderful ladies at Kappa Beta. Special thanks goes to Pamela and Trish for their continual support.
2) My family who don't yet know all of the real me but love me nonetheless.
3) All those beautiful prom, bridesmaid, wedding, Civil War dresses... makes this girl feel soooo feminine.
4) The Internet where I started to discover the real me.
5) My four cats... purrrrrrr.
6) The right time and place that allows me to have the opportunity to explore my true self... hmmmmm, that sounds like a good blog post.
7) Ms. Carmen, my hypnosis therapist.
8) Friends who don't know all of the real me but like me for who I am.
9) Long flowing skirts against smooth nyloned legs... like a touch of heaven.
10) My work which is quite fulfilling and allows me to buy all those wonderful feminine things.
11) Lipstick... every shade under the sun to express every mood.
12) Long hair against my bare shoulders reminds me of how good it feels to be a girl.
13) All the official activists working on our behalf everyday in the legislative halls.
14) All the unofficial activists who slowly are making a difference one heart at a time by being out and about and being themselves.
15) Southern Comfort
16) My razors which rid myself of my nasty body hair.
17) Eye shadow, blush, foundation... it's not just makeup. It's magic!
18) The Moody Blues
19) The Civilization computer game series where women can really rule the world!
20) People from the mainstream who treat you with dignity no matter what is between your legs.
21) Crying
22) The ability to be feminine
23) The future... the best is yet to come!

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