Monday, May 26, 2008

God Does Not Make Mistakes

My good friend Robbi Cohn has been passing this link around about a Fox News story on transgender children. Dr. Norman Spack, a pediatric specialist at Boston's Children Hospital, is amongst a growing number of doctors that recognize TG tendencies in children. He also assists in therapy for children as young as age seven and recommends medicine that will delay the onset of puberty while these children are given the opportunity to determine their true gender. Of course this being a Fox News story, several conservative doctors are used for a rebuttal essentially questioning Dr. Spack's morals and judgment. One even goes as far as calling him and the children's families child abusers. Another word used is "barbaric." Dr. Spack is truly a courageous individual for pursuing true science in the face of increasing opposition from his learned colleagues and the public at large.

While I agree treating TG children must be approached with all due caution, it must be noted that this treatment is not done in a vacuum. The point of therapy is to involve the family and their child in the decision making process. We know children realize the difference between boys and girls at a very young age. It would make sense for children to figure out over time if they do not fit in with their birth gender. This is a worthwhile area of study so that children do not grow into teenagers and adults that at best can't find their place in this world and at worst commit suicide.

God does not make mistakes. If you scroll down to the comments section, you will see that phrase from a conservative audience numerous times. It is one of their mantras repeated so often like a skipping record. Guess what? I agree, but not in the sense they are referring. Many of the posters believe gender is fixed and cannot be changed. To do so is like playing God. To change it is sacrilegous. Never mind that no one is born "perfect." We all have imperfections whether it be bad eyes, ears, or heaven forbid any number of conditions such as autism or Down's Syndrome. We most certainly attempt to treat all of those and more in order to improve a person's quality of life. Transitioning (both surgical and non surgical) for TG individuals is no different.

God does not make mistakes. I agree. I and all of my TG brothers and sisters were made this way for a reason. I am only now starting to understand that. I have a long way to go in my understanding, but I know I am this way to God's glory. It goes beyond the prom dresses, the Civil War gowns, makeup, the wigs, etc. I truly was blessed with the soul of a woman. I see the world through a woman's eyes. I am a woman. I was dropped into the body of a man. I don't totally know why. I know I have to work a bit harder to be me. It's still worth it though. I wouldn't trade my life for any other.

Those who know me well know me as a woman. Even on a Saturday trip to Latta Plantation, I was treated as a woman. They know me no other way. My friends tell me they see my confidence in being who I am. Maybe I am just sick of hiding. Whatever the case, it's a wonderful feeling to be accepted. That acceptance begins with you. Once you accept the real you, the possibilities are endless.

God does not make mistakes. I couldn't agree more.

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