Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Wrote a Story

And it has now been published! Entitled TG Short Stories with Carollyn Olsen and Friends, this paperback features three short stories. The first, You've Got Male, was penned by my good friend from the Vanity Club, Carollyn Olsen. The second, Loving Change, was written by yours truly. The final story is Third Kiss from Lady Silke Loretta Martin.

Loving Change features a crossdresser and her supportive live in girlfriend on the evening of their six month anniversary. A night of love making leaves a permanent change on our protagonist, or does it? A short excerpt:

Every touch from her brought such a tingly wave of joy upon me that I barely noticed her leading me to our bedroom suite. We both kicked off our heels as I followed her siren call.

“Close your eyes,” she said. “This will take a minute, but keep them closed until I say so.”

I closed my eyes. Amanda was a sensual, tender lover and I relished these moments of surprise. I felt her unzipping my dress letting it fall to the floor. She moved my legs to help me step out gracefully. My bra and waist cincher were undone letting the coolness of the room rush against my smooth hairless chest. She moved my arms straight up, so I could be feel a silk material sliding over my torso and falling down below my knees.

“Just a moment more, Shell,” I heard the luscious voice command me. Something special was in store when she called me by my femme name. I sensed Amanda moving around, the rustling of fabric, and then her closeness in front of me.

To order, send check or money order to:

Carollyn Olson
PO Box 1241
Loomis, CA 95650

The cost of the book is $12 (US regular mail); $15 (US Priority Mail) and $18 (US for International Mail. Add $5 and Carollyn will also enclose a copy of Deception which was her first novel.

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