Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prom Queen Wears Jeans

This last weekend at the SCC planning meeting was truly inspirational. If you havn't already, click on the the Southern Comfort link to the right to learn more. Friday night, we listened to an all TG girl band called Jezebel at Stage Door in Tucker, Ga. We liked them so much we invited them to perform at SCC. A good number of the planning committee were there to give their thumbs-up. It wasn't an overly dressy occasion, but I wore a new gray patterned sleeveless top and my long black velvet skirt with my new dark brown open heeled platform shoes.

Everyone woke up somewhat bleary eyed for the planning meeting itself the next morning at the hotel. I wanted to be comfortably dressed but still look nice. I chose a cream knit sleeveless top with a long light green cotton skirt and silver ballet type flats. I seemed to fit in a little better as some still chose casual, but many dressed quite similar to me. I love wearing my long skirts no matter the time or occasion.

I thought that would be my last femme outfit for the trip as I had scheduled some work for my male side filming a race an hour away. At noon, I went up to my room (which I nicknamed the telephone booth) and did the quick change into guy mode. I wore shorts, t-shirt, and comfortable tennis shoes. Yes, I don't go into much detail when describing my guy clothes. Long story short... race was rained out so I returned back to Atlanta. There went six hours of my life.

So now I had a conundrum. I was quite exhausted, but one more social mixer had been planned for that night. In fact, it was no more than 100 feet away on the same floor as my room. My body was aching and ready for bed. I gave in... for fifteen minutes! Something inside of me said it was worth getting back up and heading to the party.

So in the shower I went. Then came the third shave to my sore face in just over 24 hours. Time for the makeup. Ok... passable. Now what to wear? I still had a short skirt and a top left. Looking at my hairy legs said the short skirt would not be a good idea. But I loved the new short sleeved lacy cream top. So... on came the guy jeans, guy tennis shoes, and guy socks and the new top. I even skipped my bra and breast forms due to my sore back. Final touch as always was my long sandy blonde wig. One final check, and I was ready to go.

I was initially a touch dismayed when I arrived at the mixer as most had chosen to dress up. Usually I would feel right at home as I love to wear my dressy outfits too. However everyone was glad to see me although a bit surprised since I had not planned on being there. A further look around the guests, and I noticed I fit right in. I met several new people and furthered many friendships with some wonderful coversations. Thanks goes to Wes, Elaine, Jessica, Chissy, and Phyllis for chatting me up that night. You made this girl feel very welcome and loved.

At this point, you may notice my obsession with my and others choice of clothes. I do try to be very aware of the setting and the appropriate dress. More and more, I am finding it is okay to go my own path. Very much like this past February where I was the only one wearing pink at the HRC Gala, it was perfectly fine for me to dress down a touch Saturday night. I am understanding the feminine side of me goes well beyond the clothes. The coversations touched every aspect of the TG community and then some, and it had nothing to do with the clothes. I was still Stephanie having a great time. Oh, I am still the prom queen! Some things never change.


Jessica Britton said...

Glad I helped make your night! Looking forward to seeing you in September, and one of these day, you're gonna have to come to Asheville! We'll have a girl's night out!

Stephanie Marie said...


Thank you for your kind words. You are real treasure to the community, and I am very thankful for all you do. Yes, I will definitely be getting back to Asheville sooner rather than later.