Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Crossing of Worlds

From time to time, I will post some older articles. The following was written for the March 2006 issue of Kappa Beta's newsletter, the Pink Slip. It was written following a meeting in Columbia, SC.

February's meeting was a wonderful time for all who attended. The Columbia ladies really know how to show the rest of us a good time, and we owe them a world of thanks. Another interesting thing occurred though for me as I had a near crossing of paths with a not so fortunate incident from Stephanie's past. Just two blocks away was a church seminar at the Columbia Convention Center. This was a church that I had been part of during my college years in Chapel Hill, NC. It was also the only time I had been caught dressed in women's clothing from someone outside the TG world.

For those that don't know the story, this occurred before Christmas 1992. I was just finishing college and was rooming with some men from the church in an apartment. We were all good friends and got along well. Little did they know that I had started exploring my cross-dressing tendencies. I had gone to yard sales and bought a couple of formal dresses. While everyone was away, I would dress up. I had no makeup, wig, shoes, panties, or a femme name... just two beautiful dresses. They even fit perfectly. I knew this would be frowned on by the church members as it was a fundamentalist church. I always tried to be careful.

One day, one of my roommates walked on me while I was dressed in one of them. I had hoped he had not seen me as I rushed back into my room and changed quickly back into my male clothes. He had though, and several of the church men confronted me that evening. We did not even open a Bible as I just assumed it was a sin. I threw away the dresses that night. Six months later, I left the church as I felt it had become too controlling in my life. Obviously, the cross-dressing weighed heavily on me as I still did not know if it was right or wrong.

After many purges of guilt, I finally started to feel at peace with the female side of me. As I discussed in the previous article, I became brave enough to chat online and even name myself. In February 1998, I went out with the Kappa Beta girls for the first time, and the rest is history. And yes, I bought some more formal dresses!

Dana assured me before the meeting that there would be no way for any convention goers to wander over to the Alley Cafe. There were simply too many restaurant choices nearby. Still I felt certain some of my old friends would be there. There may even be some who knew of my incident. What would they think? Would it even be worth arguing? Knowing my past experience, any sort of confrontation would be worthless. My mischievous side wanted to "accidentally" wander that way, but my practical side quickly dismissed that thought. Even the Bible talks about looking forward, not back. I understood that night I was exactly where I needed to be.

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