Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Magical Night

The following was originally posted in SCCLounge following the 2006 Southern Comfort Conference in September.

Let me add my thanks to all those who made SCC 2006 a possibility. It had been five years since my last SCC, but I hear I picked a good one to come to. It was wonderful seeing some familiar faces and making some new friends.

I put magical night in the heading because Saturday was just that for me (yes, pun intended). In August, I had the chance of visiting the home of performer, Robert Baxt, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. I was visiting with my parents who do not know about Stephanie. The Magic Castle is a private club for magicians. You get in only if you're a member or an invited guest. There is also a dress code: coat and tie for men and dresses or nice pant suit for women. My parents and I had a great time as we rarely get a chance to live it up. However I knew the night would have been perfect if I could have been able to dress by the women's dress code. One group came in very well dressed... men in tuxedoes and women in long formal gowns. I was definitely jealous.

Fast forward to Saturday night at SCC. Those who know me well know I love the formal look. I wore a strapless dress for the first time Saturday night. I was already enjoying the evening particularly after Kristen's speech. Then the performer came on introducing himself as a magician from Hollywood. A light bulb clicked on. He couldn't be? No way he was from the same place. When Robert Baxt said he performed at the Magic Castle, I knew someone upstairs must like me. My wish had come true, and in that instant I was transported back to the Magic Castle. Only this time, it was done right, and the show was perfect.

I told the story to Robert Baxt after the show, and he was very kind in his remarks. It was truly a perfect ending to a great SCC.

I look forward to helping in 2007. Much like when I first started going out, I want to give back. SCC is a great place to give back.

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