Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Story Behind the Dress #1

Since I do call myself the Prom Queen, I think it's only fitting that I show off some of my dresses and the story behind the pictures. The above is a Loralie bridesmaid's dress that I bought right as the company stopped making bridesmaid dresses (around 2003 I think). I liked the Loralie's bridesmaid designs as they had beautiful classic ballgown lines particular in the skirt. They feel wonderful too. I am sad that they only do the prom dresses now. The teal green color is also one of my darker colors.

The above picture was from the Vanity Club Thursday night glam dinner at Southern Comfort last September in Atlanta. I have worn the dress several times before, but this is by far the best picture of it. That is thanks to Amanda Richards who runs a makeover shop in Pennsylvania. If you are at SCC this year, you should try one of her makeovers. In this pic, I am also wearing a half slip under the skirt for a little poofiness. The white opera gloves, emerald necklace, and dark highlighted wig complete the look. Thanks to VC sisters Angela and Keri for taking this pic!

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