Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Story Behind the Dress #2

I ordered the above wine red dress from an online store called eGowns which has since changed ownership although it still has some lovely dresses. I bought it prior to the 1999 Magnolia Ball which used to be put on every year by Kappa Beta in the spring. It was meant to be our formal outing or prom for the year. This dress became my dress of choice between 1999 and 2001 including three Southern Comforts. The above pic was taken by Cassie from TG Chat at the 2001 SCC. The makeup and hair were done by the Transformations crew from Austin, TX. They are fantastic!

I love this dress because it was my first true floor length dress. The v-neckline leaves plenty of room for a nice necklace, and I even got to play a little with my fake cleavage at the bottom! The dress has a nice satiny feel. The bows on the sleeves are a little too cutsey in retrospect. I'm amazed I even found some short matching gloves. Oh I do love my gloves! The skirt has a nice sway to it and felt wonderful against my shaved usually nyloned legs.

This dress was made to order for me from eGowns. A lady even called me directly the week before it shipped to let me know it was ready. That was the first time I think I outed myself a little bit as I was very straight forward that the dress was for me. The lady who called didn't seem fazed at all and thanked me for my business. I gave this dress a couple years ago to Good Will as I'm now a size too big for it. It remains one of my favorites to this day.

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